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Wax & Wane


The wonderful folks at Nosetouch Press have a new anthology out, full of stories about witches. It includes my own story, “Night’s Favored Child,” the tale of a young necromancer who comes calling on a house full of spooky fantasy creatures to find out who murdered a friend of hers, but things may not be quite as they seem…

To all my magic-loving Fictioneers, Wax & Wane is available now, RIGHT HERE!

Rachel Nussbaum Talks Writing Endings

Short story writer Rachel Nussbaum writes a guest article in which she discusses pressing on and getting the ending right. Just a brief, encouraging read and solid advice. It can be found HERE.

“I’ve learned that the perfect ending isn’t something you can force. Trying to rush something when it’s not ready just turns it into a convoluted mess. It’s okay to slow down, to take a break from a project, and give yourself a chance to step back so you can look at things objectively.”


Rachel’s next story will be featured in the upcoming The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk, available from Amazon on July 14th.