Night’s Favored Child” – A child who can speak with the dead comes calling on a house full of magical creatures, looking to solve the mystery of who killed her witch friend, but not everything is as it seems…

Featured in Wax & Wane: a Gathering of Witch Tales. Available HERE.


Quarine and the Isle of Spirits” – A young girl runs away from home by building a raft and setting sail on the open ocean. Far from the world she knew, her fate will be decided by an island of ghosts and a mysterious sea-serpent named Quarine…

Featured in From the Dragon Lord’s Library: Volume 2. Available HERE.


Side B” – Aaron finds a cassette tape with his murdered girlfriend’s voice on it… recorded after she died. Listening to it may lead him to the truth about her death, to the secrets of the Afterlife itself, and to a revelation too terrible to imagine. Press PLAY, if you dare.

Featured in Paying the Ferryman. Available HERE.