Wonder Woman’s New Costume Looks Pretty Cool

Sword instead of Lasso? It's gonna be the end of Man of Steel all over again.

Sword instead of Lasso? This is gonna be the end of Man of Steel all over again, isn’t it?

So, the new Wonder Woman was revealed at Comic Con, and it’s about what I expected. Her costume fits with the darker superhero world that Zack Snyder started in Man of Steel. I’m pretty excited about finally seeing the character on the big screen.

Of course, as the premiere comic book superheroine, it’s really a shame that her debut is going to be in a film that is going to be dominated by the characters of Batman and Superman (as it should be). She deserves her own film.

More than a decade of summer box offices ruled by costumed characters, and Wonder Woman still hasn’t managed to lasso a movie of her own. Worse, there’s not even a confirmed Wonder Woman film on the horizon (or really any female-lead superhero movie). Hopefully the success of action movies such as Lucy (which just beat The Rock’s Hercules at the box office) will make the studios realize that superheroines on film are not just something the audience wants, it’s something they’ll pay for.

Until then I’ll take what I can get. Popular big-screen comic book characters like Hit Girl and Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique are proving as compelling as their male companions, and often moreso. And while she may not have her own movie yet, Wonder Woman is coming to the big screen, and from the looks of it, dressed to kill.

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